Help! My friend is a Furry!?

I would really like for him not to be… he’s relatively new to the whole.. thing but he doesn’t seem like he’s gonna be talked out of it easily… I’m trying my best to be tolerant of his choice but I just think it’s so stupid! I dont want him to get the idea in his head to go out and really screw a dog… How do I handle this?

why stop something so beautiful? you may not want this for your friend, but friendship is all about acceptance and encouragement. this path he has chosen may not seem too typical but it’s what he wants. if you love him, set him free.

It sounds like you don’t know at all what a furry is, and if your friend is calling it a fetish it sounds like he doesn’t know what a furry is. A furry is someone who is part of the furry fandom, a worldwide community of people who love and appreciate real and cartoon/fictional animals including anthropomorphic (bipedal) animal characters. Bugs Bunny and Donald Duck are examples of anthropomorphic characters.
Being a furry is one of the most wonderful and harmless interests a person could get into. The furry fandom encourages and celebrates peoples’ creativity in all forms of art. Furries overall are incredibly open minded and accepting of all people regardless of their personal details such as their looks, gender, age, sexuality, gender identity, education level, income, nationality, ethnicity, ability/disability, religion, political affiliation, or whatever else. Someone who is a douchebag won’t make many friends just like in the rest of society, but someone who is respectful and friendly will make many great friends.
Being a furry has absolutely nothing to do with the sexual orientation of zoophilia or any other orientation, so it’s highly unlikely your friend is going to have sexual interests in real dogs unless he’s already zoo to begin with.
How do you handle this? You encourage him to follow his interests. As he learns more about the furry community, listen to what he has to tell you about it. However, if it makes you uncomfortable just ask him to stop telling you about it. Nobody says you have to be a furry too if you don’t want to but as a friend you should at least be happy for him that he’s found something he enjoys. If he loses interest over time he’ll lose that interest on his own. It’s not your place to try to get him out of it.
Regarding what “Poyple” said, the idea of furries doing anything sexual in fursuits is a myth, perpetuated by people who don’t know what furries are all about. When a fursuit costs anywhere from $1000 to upwards of $15,000, a fursuiter isn’t going to let you approach with a glass of soda, let alone any dripping bodily appendage. When wearing something that feels like a roll of carpet with internal temperatures well over 110°, physical activity is kept to a minimum and something as strenuous as sexual activity would be foolish. The incidence of people using a costume for sexual activity is no different between the furry community and the rest of society, that being very few people. A handful of people who enjoy something does not define the rest of whatever group they take part in.
Regarding what “Matt Wilson” said, there is no such thing as “normal”. There is far too much variability in human personality and behavior for anything to be considered the definition of “normal”.

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The only thing furries sexually do is “yiff” which is either
-Anthro (70% human 30% animal) hentai
-FursuitFucking (Extremely rare)
But hey, im a furry and im the most popular kid in school. The internet is full of furries and their normal. But i have to admit some are REALLYYYYY ****** up.
EDIT: Btw he probably wont get over it.
Also at “Matt Wilson”… More than id say 30% of the people who use the internet are furries… And thats only people that are public. id say out of the world population… about 38% are (about 2 billion?)

Furries rarely participate in bestiality. It’s usually pictures and ideas of hot “furries” or human-looking animals. Chances are it’s a phase and he’ll get over it.

What he chooses to get off on is his own choice. You dont want him coming over to your house telling you what kind of porn to watch does he?>

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Answer 6

Just… look it up on wikipedia. We’re not zoophiles.

Answer 7

Buy him a dog?

Talk to him. Tell him it’s not “normal”, and that you don’t exactly feel comfortable with it.

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