He Bradley family owns 410 acres of farmland in North Carolina on which they grow corn and tobacco. Each acre of corn cos ts $105

Explanation: See attachment below

c- A 100-acre field, all of which is planted with the same variety of corn. Explanation: Monoculture in agriculture practice can be defined as the practice of producing or growing a single kind of crop, livestock species, plant or breed in a field of farming. Annually planting the same kind of crop over the same agriculture field is likely to deplete the nutrients from the earth on which the plant relies upon. The soil becomes weak and unable to support the growth of crops. C. is the correct option this is because the entire agriculture field is utilized to grow the same kind of crop that is the same variety of all corn plants.

Step-by-step explanation: First let’s identify decision variables: X1 – acres of corn X2 – acres of tobacco Bradley needs to maximize the profit, MAX = 300X1 + 520X2 The Bradley family owns 410 acres, X1+X2≤410 Each acre of corn costs $105,  each acre of tobacco costs $210 The Bradleys have a budget of $52,500 So 105X1 +210X2≤52,500 There is a restriction on planting the tobacco – 100acres X2≤100 Also, since outcomes can be only positive, X1X2 ≥0 So, what we have: MAX = 300X1 + 520X2 X1+X2≤410 105X1 +210X2≤52,500 X2≤100 X1X2 ≥0

the answer is 4.56 Step-by-step explanation: because it is i use my mommy calculator

the hourly fee is 3 dollars 43+7h=64

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