Have you bought your tickets to the gun show? I wanna hear your gun/muscle jokes.?

You know the jokes that go – Did you hear I almost got suspended for bringing these guns to school? (flexing follows) – or – Do you have a bandaid? Cause I’m cut. (more flexing)

do you know a good veterenarian?my pythons are looking sick!

do you know a good plumber ? my pipes are about to burst!

Gun Show Jokes

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Yea, I remember when that 8 year old kid shot himself with an Uzi. The father insisted that the boy be allowed to use the gun and not only were charges pressed against the sponsor, the sponsor was later sued by the father. The same father that insisted his child could handle the Uzi despite protests from the staff. I still think the kid’s father should be in prison.

Do you have any duck tape? Cuz I’m ripped.

Do you have a needle and thread? Cuz I’m ripped.

Do you have a dictionary? Cuz check out this definition.

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Do you have a sewing machine? Cause I’m ripped.

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