Has the Beretta 90-two been discontinued?

Specifically the F type 9mm?

Avoiding the silliness from the closet queens, Beretta still lists the 90-Two, Type F as an active product. It’s offered in the following versions:
J9T9F10 is the 9mm version with a 10-round magazine
J9T9F11 is the 9mm version with a 17-round magazine
J9T4F10 is the .40 S&W version with a 10-round magazine
J9T4F11 is the .40 S&W version with a 12-round magazine
MSRP for any of them is $725.00
The link shows all the current Beretta full-size pistols.

Beretta Ninety Two

I see it in current gun almanacs, and I suppose they would tell us if it was discontinued. One 2010 almanac says it costs $725 now, while the standard “92 FS” has several variations priced $650-$750. The “90-Two” is about 2 oz. lighter than the standard “92FS”. I see some people do not know the difference.

As has been answered, yes they still make them. I have a taurus pt 92 I use for funsies, though I carry either a 45 auto, 44 mag, or 357 mag depending on what clothes I am wearing (due to concealment issues) Just ignore the other two clowns, and carry what you are good with and comfortable with.

There are a couple new at my local gun shop since Christmas.

Answer 6

the 92f is still around. It has just been renamed the M9 for the military, so that is its common name now. They are the exact same gun

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