Has someone stolen my identity?

So i was looking at my activity on my bank account today and i saw that it said Friday there was a transaction called “VISA CHECK CARD PURCHASE DNCSS ST. LOUIS BB CON ST.LOUIS MO” for the amount of $3.50. I didn’t use my card once on Friday and i haven’t bought anything of that amount this month. The amount is what confuses me, can anyone help me with this?

i had a charge with the same transaction name but different amount. i realized it was from a cardinals game i went to. it is probably from a sports stadium, but like the Badge guy said, ask your bank. nothing much goes for less than $4 there nowadays…

2807 Pbc St Louis

You call your bank and ask them to investigate it
There is nothing anybody here can do for you

I just found this same transaction merchant on my credit card, and it was a legitimate vending machine purchase,

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