Has music become too commercial? why or why not?

Has music turn into too industrial? why or why not?

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2. Sure, in my view (a working DJ). A lot of at the moment’s pop appears a re-hash of disco, in model and content material.  3. Synthesizers, auto-tune, recording methods.  4. Because of the type of content material it comprises,  5. Michael Jackson As a consequence of content material and elegance Intercourse attraction and expertise..

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Music has turn into just a little bit too industrial, a variety of rappers are solely doing to get out of the streets and “flex” all the cash they made on one single. Whereas different artists use music as their voice for cause. To specific themselves in a extra inventive method.

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I don’t suppose that music has turn into too industrial as a result of now there are such a lot of new songs popping out and artists can get their songs on the market simpler.  I do suppose that some create music for the cash however that some nonetheless do it for different causes.  For the artists that write the songs they carry out, they often have a cause akin to a message they need to get throughout or they’re writing it for one thing/somebody they love akin to when Steven Tyler wrote his hit tune “I Do not Wanna Miss a Factor” he was writing it for his daughter.  And when Eminem wrote “Like Toy Troopers” he wrote it for the then not too long ago deceased Tupac and one other rap artist that Eminem was mates with.

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