Hardened plastic earring backs? help…:(?

The plastic earring back has hardened (really bad) and i can’t seem to wiggle it out is there any other solution to this?

Please provide more detail. Is it a post earring with back? Describe the shape of the earring back (flat or round?)
You can’t seem to wiggle it out of what? The wire? Or is the earring back stuck in the hole in your ear?
Please repost with more information, please.
Ok. Thanks for the additional info. Try soaking a cotton ball in baby oil and holding it around the earring back and the area on the post where it is stuck, for about 3-5 minutes. It’s a pain to hold, but it should loosen the back from the post enough that you can get it off the post.. You can also use tea tree oil, which has antibacterial properties.
If that doesn’t work, see a doctor. You don’t want to eventually get an infection in that ear hole because you can’t clean the earring post. Even if it costs, it’s worth it to your health.

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Plastic Earring Backs

Ok after trying all the same things, my husband took a pair of wire cutters and cut the very end of the plastic back off. The left over plastic part slipped right off and the earring is still able to be used.

try dripping some hydrogen peroxide on the backing. This will softened up the hardened skin. If you can’t get it off, you need to visit the doctor or walk in clinic (please not an emergency department!). Take your earrings out every night and clean the earlobe and the earring.

Use a blow dryer, or hot water to heat up a pair of nail clippers, use nail clippers to cut off the plastic backs. Worked like a charm for me, but I don’t suggest attempting this on your own, have someone assist.

Answer 6

use some peroxide or alcohol to loosen the backs. it may take a while but it works. it is alsoa good way for youto clean the holes.

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Answer 7

Nail clippers. I did it and came right off.

this happened to me too, i had to pull VERY hard, it actually scared the hell out of me. all i did was wiggle it until it came out. no other way.

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