Grammar…. Alexis’s… or Alexis’ ?

I’m making a bedroom door sign for my niece. I have looked online and found contradictory advice, some people say grammatically it should read Alexis’s Room, with the apostrophe and another S. Others say it should be Alexis’ Room, with just the apostrophe and no extra S.

Technically both are acceptable. If Alexis is young, you may want to do Alexis’s room, since most children wouldn’t understand the difference.

Most certainly “Alexix’s”
If you say Alexis’ this means you are talking about more than one Alexis, which is not true in your case. The primary reason of putting an apostrophe before an “s” is to show ownership. So to show that the room is owned by your niece, the right way of doing this is by saying “Alexis’s room”.
Hope this was clear enough. : )

Alexis’s. Because Alexis’ would be implying there is more than one Alexis in the room.

In British English, we are taught that you should write and say Alexis’s room. The only exceptions admitted are biblical names, like Jesus’ parents, Thomas’ lies, etc.


Answer 6

Either is grammatically acceptable, despite what a spellcheck might say.
Alexis’s might be the easiest thing to go with, but as the rules go Alexis’ would not be incorrect, nor does it automatically imply there is more than one Alexis.

Answer 7

You can use either…they are both correct
Don’t know why the thumbs down….both are correct!
Rule 2 under note
Here is another example:…

with a name, neither would or should be marked wrong if referring to one person. it is your choice.

I’m pretty sure it’s Alexis’
That the way I would do in any way.

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