GIRL – Why she talk to me using a really soft voice?

she don’t talk like that when she talking to her friends

My voice often gets softer when I’m shy — I don’t mean for it to; I just realize it when people start asking me what I said or I realize even I can’t hear myself that well. Possibly she’s shy around you, maybe because she wants to impress you.

OMG i do that when i get shy or nervous around someone…and its usually when a very attractive guy is talking to me

okay get some english lessens!!! didnt you go to school
and she is shy around you which means she likes you dughhh!!!!
wow did you not ever learn how to flirt your a sad sad boy!!!

It’s her attempt at a sexy voice.

she probably likes you.
That’s definitely a sign

Answer 6

shes trying to sound sexy cuz she likes you

Answer 7

i dont really have alot of details but i think she likes you =]

prbly likes u, and/or only wanted u to hear.

it might of been private what see was sayin. she might of only wanted you to hear


She’s probably trying to sound sexy.

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