“get a piece of the Rock”…what does this slogan mean?

Prudential Insurance uses the Rock of Gibraltar as its corporate logo. It is meant to symbolize strength and stability.
If you buy one of their insurance policies — you get a piece of it (figuratively, of course).

It used to be an advertising slogan for Prudential Insurance which had a logo featuring a big cliff.
“Get a piece of the Rock” meant buy some insurance with us.

Ha ha ha ha… I remember those Prudential commercials. Back in the 70s. I knew a guy ten years ago who used to say that but he meant he was going to go smoke crack. after work. He’d say: “I’m gonna go get a piece of the rock…” Everybody knew what he meant. I wonder if he ever quit that garbage…
Yeah, Prudential insurance, rock of Gibralter.

It came off the old Prudential Life Insurance commercial. And it simply meant to invest in their company. Your investment was(a piece of the rock.)

“Piece of the Rock” is for Prudential Insurance. Their logo is of the”Rock of Gibraltar” a solitary land formation in Europe. It is to relate how solid or strong Prudential’s foundation is.

Answer 6

years ago one of the big insurance companies featured the Rock of Gibralter as its logo, and you were supposed to “get a piece of the rock” meaning, become a policy holder. Don’t remember which insurance company it was tho.

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