GCSEs or GCSE’s?- Which is Correct and Why?

GCSEs or GCSE’s?- Which is Correct and Why?

GCSEs or GCSE’s? Which is Correct and Why? GCSE stands for general certificate of Secondary Education. The student may sometimes have confusion about understanding which abbreviation to use for GCSE and which is the correct one. This article with guide you about the right abbreviation of GCSEs or GCSE’s

GCSEs or GCSE’s?- Which is Correct and Why?

The correct form of writing GCSE is by using a single “S” at the end of GCSE and they do not process any apostrophes. As we all know, GCSE stands for General Certificate of Secondary Education, which is an acronym. If the use of GCSE is more than one of the nouns then we apply it at the end of the GCSE without the apostrophe. S written at the end of the GCSE should be written in lowercase letters as it is not part of the acronym.

Which is Correct and Why?

The correct way of writing the GCSE as an acronym in GCSEs is in which s shows that the noun GCSE is used more than one time.

Why is it true? 

The following are statements showing why s is needed to add at the end of the word:

  • The acronym GCSEs is a ruler word that is used when there is more than one noun. 
  • S is used with GCSE when there is something belonging to it like when the person is talking about a friend who has a book and may refer to it as a friend’s book. 
  • The word does represent both plural and belonging to them the apostrophe s is used after writing s like s’. 
  • When a word is already and by the letter S then the apostrophe is put after the word like James’s. 
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What is an Acronym?

An acronym is used by the person in a phrase or a sentence when it is too long to say during normal conversation or writing. The acronym should be written in capital letters so that there is no confusion with the other letters in the same sentence. There are some acronyms and the situation is made to use a suffix which is written in lowercase so that there is no confusion between the main acronym. The acronym of GCSE stands for general certificate of Secondary Education. 

Using Acronyms in Academic Writing okay?

When the student uses the acronym by following the rules then it is okay to use an acronym in academic writing. The first rule according to it is that when a person needs to use an acronym they first need to write the full form of the acronym when it is used for the first time and followed by the acronym brackets.

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For example, GCSE is an acronym but when the sun used it for the first time did need to write a full phrase out that is the general case certificate of Secondary Education then the acronym(GCSE). After this they can simply write GCSE then they are writing it again in their notes. The same goes with the use of contraction and abbreviation of words; they are used with the words such as don’t and shouldn’t. These are words that are not considered professional and they should be used when the person is writing something informal.

Situation Where You Need the Apostrophe?

There is no requirement for using the apostrophe with the word GCSE as it is not mentioning the multiple single exams. There are some students who used say my GCSE or my GCSE’s result which is not the right way to write them. The correct way used to write it is GCSEs or my GCSEs result. There is no need to write an apostrophe as the GCSE already belongs to you.

Why is Grammar Important?

Students are writing a formal letter. They need to write it with the correct use of grammar. So how to use apostrophes and where to use apostrophes will be good for the student. And in case of getting a score in English GCSE, it will be helpful for the student to get a few more marks in spag( spelling, punctuation, and grammar). The student wants to get worth 20% in the total English language GCSE and word 5% in the total English literature GCSE marks then they need to write the grammar correctly the sentence should be clear they should be no spelling and punctuation mistakes.

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The student should write the acronym of GCSE as GCSEs which is considered the correct way of writing it. As if the room is using the acronym for the first time they should first write the full phrase out and then the acronym in the brackets this is the correct way of using the acronym and if the student uses the acronym in the same rule then they will be no detection in the marks of English language grade or English literature grade.

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