Garry’s Mod. Server Not Responding?

Hi. This is for people who play Garry’s Mod online. I have been trying to play in a private game with my friends on Steam. I can play in public games just fine, but when I try to join my friend’s game, it says server unavailable. I have downloaded all the Steam updates already.

You usually have to connect through console if it is a private game. Have him send you the IP and type “connect ” into console. If you do not know how to access console it is the ~ button. if you press it and it doesn’t work you have to go to options>keyboard>advanced>enable developer console. AT that point you will be able to open the console and enter the command. If you still cannot connect after trying through console then you may have to find it on the games list. To do this click “internet” in your game list and click the “change filters” button. Type the name of the map he is on in the “map” section (make sure it it is typed correctly) and leave the rest of the options blank. Search through the servers that come up after you refresh and it should be there. If it still doesn’t show up then he probably didn’t set up his server correctly. Hope this helps. :]

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Server Not Responding Gmod

Gmod Server Not Responding

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If you guys are trying to set up your own server through gmod it’s not gonna work. You can always go into an empty server with 2-6 people max so people barley join you.

Make sure he has the same version of the game as you, Also make sure the map he is loading is named the same and in the right folder as you. If he has certain mods installed and enabled that you don’t have, it could cause you to not be able to connect. I can’t say I’m a hard core Gmod player, but I have had this problem once before..

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