FUNNY ANSWERS! What is the meaning of life?

The most funny will be chose as best! The funnier the better!

To find the purpose of life.
We have choices.
Live the endless “circle of Life”, mate breed die, like all the other animals.
Or create a greater meaning, a reason, and become Human.
There are two things that separate us from monkeys.
Empathy, which is why we teach our children even when they don’t want to learn.
And the ability to think about the future. Do you think about it?
You CAN have MORE reason. With emphasis on the word “reason”.

Righteousness and the majority are not always on the same side. That was some read, and I was taken back by some. No it is not part of God’s people ever. Such talk. Nor will it ever be a part of his culture. I do believe we should shun those willful sinning, so that we don’t provoke God to anger or feel hurt by us ; for it is a truth it is hard to obtain forgiveness for sins that were willfully committed. And that includes bad or unhealthy associations. Even our silence sometimes supports sin and you see by reply after picking best answer. We need to avoid indecent words, and filthy jokes of which respectable people would be ashamed. *That surely doesn’t mean just stand there and say nothing about it neither. “How does that look to others when you say your a Christian but say nothing when someone says something like that? It gives them a bad message of you and your faith. Like a silent approval. I’m not surprised the poster made a note of that in reply at the end. Lewd conversation of this sort is outward proof of an unregenerate heart; “For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh” (Matt. 12:34). And smutty humor and immodest words smooth the road to dishonorable deeds. Such mirth is clearly forbidden by God’s Word. “Neither filthiness, nor foolish talking, nor jesting, which are not convenient,” says the Apostle Paul, are to be permitted. “For because of these things cometh the wrath of God upon the children of disobedience” (Eph. 5:4, 6). Through such evil talk and vain mirth the Holy Spirit of God is grieved. Eph. 4:29-30. So God must have been deeply grieved there. I know some won’t like to hear that. Maybe they will say well we didn’t say it but is standing there when others are saying how wrong it is any better? Saying nothing yourself does make you look a part of the other company. Maybe some didn’t come back but I think most did and some maybe decided I won’t get into that like silence makes it better. Better for whom? I think of the crowd In Exodus who may not have said anything themselves when some were behaving badly, maybe they thought by saying nothing that would excuse them too, pleasing both. It didn’t. They had to make a stand. Sometimes we do and it’s Shame we have to be told as Christians when. We are so prejudiced in our own favor often that we cannot see our own mistakes and shortcomings as easily as those of others. And will often will rebuke if others say anything, you will get that too, we have all the excuses for it, and yet it is very necessary that we have their help, since they can see our needs much more clearly than we ourselves can Again, such foul talk is “no” part of a Christian life. Nowhere in the Bible are we told to tolerate sin, and to be quiet about it especially when it has become an issue around us and we are there. I can see why you asked this and I felt the question was a good one for some looking in and should be addressed. Actually I know many Unbelievers and Atheists who have better manners than to say something like that on a public place or anywhere. I did read it and saved it, to see how much people admit to, hide, learn and change in time to come.

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FUNNY ANSWERS! What is the meaning of life?
The most funny will be chose as best! The funnier the better!

What is the meaning of life? It is the moment when you find someone got to your cake first, absconded with it and you have absolutely no nicing left for anyone at all.
The meaning of life is realizing that the meaning of life is halfway between birth and death and you have no flipping idea where that mean is, making you feel mean even when you cannot feel your mean, know what I mean?
Demeaning of life is realizing that the reason you cannot climb the ladder of success is not because you have no goals, it is because someone accidentally placed the ladder on top of your feet and there are too many people on the ladder for you to move it, making you and you alone the basis for others reaching the top all the while you are demeaning and demoaning your feet in life. Oops, make that your fate in life. Or was that the feet of the fate of your feet leading to your defeat?
What is the meaning of Life? To find out if you have one before you have none.
What is the meaning of Life? To find out what is the meaning of life and then get away with it before your mother finds out it is missing.
What is the meaning of Life? Since there really is no meaning of life, the meaning of life is to pretend so effectively that you have found the meaning of life that you will be remembered for finding it and then looking down from the clouds after you die and laughing at all the people who think you found something they did not.
What is the meaning of Life? To find “What is the meaning of Life!”
What is the meaning of Life? To find out if that really cute blonde across the hall from you came over to borrow some sugar or to get some sugar, sugar.
What is the meaning of Life? To pretend you do not know what is the meaning of life so everyone else will find it for themselves.
What is the meaning of Life? To listen to your kids say, “Goodnight, Daddy! Sweet dreams!”
What is the meaning of Life? To listen to your kid’s kids say, “Goodnight, Grandpa! Sweet dreams!”
What is the meaning of Life? To look back at the end of life and find that you knew what was the meaning of life all along.
What is the meaning of Life? To spread as much nicing around as you can spread. That way you can have your cake and nice it too.
What is my meaning in life? I am starting to think it is to answer questions such as this. I get started and as fast as I can type, the words just keep flowing. According to the slider at the side I may have gone well beyond what the Yamster seems to think is a mean, though I think his limits are too mean and too short, but as I mean to end this sooner or later, I will just as soon as I find one more meaning.
What is the meaning of Life? To live your life so that when you die no one can say there was a meaning leaning to your your life, that you made everything as nicing for everyone so you could.
Know what I mean?
Peace, bro!
Edit: Until the Yamster refuses to take any more:
The meaning of life is halfway twixt the “i” and the “f.”
If you are insane,
.Is the
. Funny end of the
. Equation
.In the
.In a fully
Logic and

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Answer 6

to die

Answer 7

The meaning of life is to successfully lick the ground in every single state.

Meaning of life= serious+ important
No “funny” in this equation.
Hows that for funny!

the answer to life + the universe+everything=42
type into tgooogle its for real

I don’t know what is the meaning but i know the most important thing is love

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