Fun Staff Meeting Ideas To Boost Employee Enthusiasm

Regular staff meetings are a necessary part of work and are a perfect opportunity for managers to not only discuss work-related progress and deliverables but also tap into their employee’s overall levels of motivation and satisfaction.

Having motivated employees is critical for maintaining workplace productivity and ensuring that employee absenteeism and turnover rates are minimized. It can also increase employee engagement, which can help foster creativity and innovation at work. This can create a more inviting and positive work environment and contribute to the overall success of an organization.  

In this article, we share some excellent examples of how managers and leaders can go above and beyond in their regular staff meetings in order to boost employee enthusiasm and increase workers’ productivity. 

Host a Virtual Happy Hour

Since the pandemic, many companies have opted for either a remote or a hybrid working model. While this is great for allowing employees the flexibility to work from their chosen location, it is possible that work meetings conducted over digital platforms such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams can become a little dull and disengaging. 

To overcome this problem, managers can host a virtual happy hour with employees in order to boost morale and give the team something to look forward to. To do this successfully, pick a date and time where everyone can attend, and cover the drinks and snacks using a virtual credit card and setting a spending cap. 

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Invite a Guest Speaker

Regardless of whether you are having your team meeting in person or remotely, consider inviting an industry specialist as a guest speaker to capture the attention of your employees. You can encourage your team to ask questions and have a healthy discussion about career trajectories and industry trends with the guest speaker, which can allow them to expand their knowledge frontiers and also gain unique perspectives regarding their line of work. 

Share a Team Win

A great way to start off staff meetings is to acknowledge the achievements of team members and reward them for their contributions. This reward can be something as little as a coffee voucher, lunch with management executives, or a company-wide email blast. The aim is to increase their intrinsic motivation and raise the overall confidence and enthusiasm of the team to increase their productivity. 

Create a Tradition 

If you are looking for a way to connect with your team and increase their input in staff meetings, consider creating and adopting a tradition or ritual. This can be something like taking five minutes to discuss after-work activities or even designating a few minutes to meditate every now and then. The goal should be to make your team members feel relaxed and comfortable while ensuring that they remain motivated and engaged during the staff meeting.

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Change Meeting Location

In order to change things up and break away from the monotony of either virtual or office meetings, change the meeting location by conducting it somewhere scenic or new. This can be in a park or even a coffee shop. The very idea of stepping out and having a staff meeting somewhere different can increase your team’s attention levels and boost their enthusiasm and motivation to positively contribute to the meeting and their work. 

Bring Some Snacks

Bringing some snacks to a meeting is a fantastic way to motivate your employees for meetings that are either too early, too late, or will potentially run long. These snacks can be anything from cupcakes and coffee to bite-sized sandwiches for the team members to munch on and can really work quite well to keep their spirits high. Alternatively, you can turn this into a ritual and ask every team member to bring something once in a while as a way to make everyone look forward to staff meetings. 

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Do Team Building Activities

Try building your team’s morale by introducing some fun team-building activities and games such as having a scavenger hunt around the office premises, hosting a sports game, or volunteering together on a weekend. This can help your team members connect with each other, improve their communication and teamwork skills, and boost their motivation and enthusiasm for both staff meetings and work. 

The Bottom Line

Having productive and engaging staff meetings is a great way to regularly maintain employee enthusiasm and motivation levels. Make sure to have a well-planned agenda for every meeting which you email to your team ahead of time. Additionally, remember to always invite every team member to give feedback and raise any questions and concerns they might have. This will make employees feel heard and valued and will keep their morale high at work. 

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