From the way that Agamemnon talks to Amphimedon, the reader can infer that Agamemnon

From the way that Agamemnon talks to Amphimedon, the reader can infer that Agamemnon

A)is disturbed by Amphimedon Explanation: From the passage, Agamemnon is asking Amphimedon what brought him to Hades and why he came to the “undergloom” in a body so young. He tries to find out what happened to him to die so young, whether it is as a result of Poseidon’s rage at sea or in a fight for either stronghold or woman, he is eager to find out. From these inferences and behavior of Agamnemon, we can conclude that he is disturbed by Amphimedon.

has a deep affection for Amphimedon. Explanation: In these lines, we learn that Agamemnon has a deep affection for Amphimedon. We know this because Agamemnon refers to him as “guest and friend.” He explains that he considers him this because he has visited Amphimedon’s family. Agamemnon is interested to know what sent Amphimedon (one of Penelope’s suitors) to the underworld.

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I will choose a. he is disturbed by Amphimedon.  He is surprised why Amphimedon is in  Hades. 
Amphimedon tells him about what happened to him all the suitors who
tried win Penelope’s hand and how they were betrayed by her and met their end
at the hands of Odysseus.

the reader can infer that Agamemnon is disturbed by Amphimedon. Agamemnon asks Amphimedon “What ruin brought you into this undergloom?” He is upset to see Amphimedon in the Underworld. He then asks Amphimedon about how he died. In hopes that Amphimedon died in glory, he lists various ways a man might die honorably. The passage ends with Agamemnon reminding Amphimedon of their friendship. However, it seems from the way Agamemon seems to be searching his friend for answers that Amphimedon is not behaving in the way he expects or recognizes him. This disturbs Agamemnon.

A – He is disturbed by Amphimedon

Answer 6 disturbed by Amphimedon.

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(A) is disturbed by Amphimedon. ] Explanation: ♥☺

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