For which of the following businesses would the process cost system be appropriate?

24. Which is why associated with after organizations would an activity expense system be appropriate? a. watercraft fix solution b. shampoo maker c. dressmaker d. custom furniture maker 25. The entry to record the movement of direct work expenses into manufacturing in work purchase are priced at accounting system should a. debit Factory Overhead, credit work with Process b. debit Finished products, credit Wages Payable c. debit work with Process, credit Wages Payable d. debit Factory Overhead, credit Wages Payable 26. Which associated with after isn’t an assumption underlying cost-volume-profit analysis? a. The break-even point would be passed away throughout the duration. b. Total product sales and total expenses is represented by right lines c. expenses is accurately split into fixed and adjustable elements. d. The product sales mix is constant
3. all expenses is segerated into fixed and adjustable

1.there isn’t any closing stock. all products are offered
fix solutions
choice B

where in actuality the item was created to clients’ specs

, such as for example a custom furniture maker, gown manufacturer, watercraft
manufacturing procedures.

fix solutions


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