flavor flav is ugly?

do you think flavor flav is ugly

Yes he is ugly. I don’t care how much money he has. I’d never go out with him. I think one reason he’s so ugly is because he’s an old man now. But he was ugly back then too.

Flavor Flav Ugly

He is ugly on the outside but he does seem to have a kind personality. Maybe thats all that counts with some women or maybe they just out to get his money. I do hope he finds a woman that won’t take advantage of him. Good Luck FLAV

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flavor flav is ugly?
do you think flavor flav is ugly
because he is ugly as hell to me

He’s so ugly that even after 10 cosmetic surgeries, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. There’s nothing you can do about his ugliness, he should be thankful for all the money he has, otherwise, he’d be just another ugly face in the crowds.

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Answer 6

Yes, I do, he is about nasty! I can’t believe these beautiful girls are fighting over him! I don’t care how much $ he has, yuk! The girls must have no intelligence, or all they care about is money! Because it isn’t his looks, personality or how he dresses! He looks like a total dork!

Answer 7

HELLZ YEAH…the only reason these girls are on “flavor of love” is because flava flav has money and thats all they want……how could anyone fall in love with him?

yes but i got to say for him hes personaility is beautiful and he definitly seems fun to b e with and that makes up for it,i truly thin hes a sweet person and i really feel sorry for him with the gold diggin fake girls and i wish he would find a real girl whos down for him.on this show i dont see anyone whos real and last show i dont think nobody was real either except goldie.its sad.he should just give up and meet someone regularly not do the show but then we wouldnt have a good show to laugh at,lol

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Yes, he is one ugly brotha from anutha mutha. When he was born, his momma got slapped instead. Bros so ugly, he makes babies cry just being in the room with him. His actionstar nickname is “Ug Lee”, he fights with a black belt in crazy, in the confused one style.

I’m a guy but i have to say that he is one ugly mo fo…lol

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