Find the volume of the parallelepiped determined by the vectors

A)Find the quantity regarding the parallelepiped decided by the
vectors a, b, and
u be a vector with size 5 that begins within
beginning and rotates inside xy-plane. Get the optimum and
Think about the after three vectors of a parallelepiped the amount regarding the parallelepiped could be the magnitude of these scalar triple item: 25 25 1 -1(2-4)-5(-2-20)+2-1-5) therefore, the quantity regarding the parallelepiped is, V96 cubic devices Think about the after vertices (-5,3), (-3,6), (1.4), and (-1,1) allow A (-5,3), B (-3,6), C 1,4), and D (-11) the location of a parallelogram is distributed by the formula, region ABx AD therefore, compute 6-3) and advertisement -1+51-3) AB 3+5,6 =(23) 4,-2) therefore, the region is,
minimal values regarding the duration of the vector u
=|-16k J0+0+(-16) for that reason, the region of a parallelogram with all the provided vertices is 16 squred devices look at the vector And, u is a vector that begins within beginning and rotates across the y airplane with size 5 devices The cross item of u andv could be the size is Since sin θ differs from-1 to at least one , and minimum i right here, the cross item takes the most value uv discover v and minimum is 0 M-(이 therefore, the most value is lu -5. 5-25L additionally the minimal value is | 0

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