Find the annual percent increase or decrease that y=0.35(2.3)^x models

discover yearly percentage build or minimize that y = 0.35(2.3)x types. (1 aim) 230per cent build 130per cent build 30per cent decline 65per cent decline a preliminary inhabitants of 175 quail increase at a yearly rates of 22per cent. Prepare an exponential purpose to design the quail inhabitants. Exactly what will the estimated inhabitants feel after five years? (1 aim) f(x) = 175(0.22)x; 473 f(x) = (175 0.22)x; 84, 587, 005 f(x)= 175(22)x; 901, 885, 600 f(x) = 175(1.22)x; 473 Suppose your put $5:000 in a savings levels that earns 3per cent yearly interest. If one makes few other distributions or build up, the number of many years is it going to use the balance to get to at the least $6:000? (1 aim) decade 6 many years 7 many years 4 many years the populace of crazy ponies on a wildlife retreat diminished from 110 to 99 in a-year. When this development had been to keep, just what rapid picture might be familiar with forecast the pony inhabitants as time goes on? (1 aim) y = 110(1.1)x y = 99(0.9)x y = 99(1.1)x y = 110(0.9)x
at x= 1
letter = 6.67 many years

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