Explain why odysseus must first go to the eumaeus’s hut rather than to his own palace?

Because he wants to disguise himself to be an old poor person

After Odysseus arrived in Ithaca, he went to Eumaeus’ hut as a begar for two reasons. Thr first one is because he wanted to discover if his servants were still loyal to him or not. The second reason was his wife Penelope. He wanted to know if she was having an affair with another man.

Odysseus first go to the Eumaeus’s   because suitors who are trying to overtake his palace might try to kill him, he wants to know if his servants remain loyal to him. He also wants to find out if his wife, Penelope

Odysseus first went to Eumaeus’s hut to hide out, as ordered by Athene and find out any information about his household and kingdom before he regains his rightful place. Explanation: Once back in Ithaca, Odysseus was ordered by Athene to hide out at the hut of the swineherd Eumaeus. Disguised as a poor beggar, he inquired about the state of affairs of the kingdom and also whether his previous subjects are still loyal to him or not. By knowing about the current situation, he was able to plan his actions on when he goes back to the palace. And through Eumaeus, he came to know about the suitors that had besieged the palace and the queen, his wife Penelope. Also, not knowing that the poor traveler was indeed his former master, Eumaeus began narrating about the good things of Odysseus and criticizes the actions and wrongful deeds of the suitors. This is an indirect proof of his testament of loyalty to Odysseus, even though he did not know the true identity of his guest.

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Odysseus must first go to Eumaeus’s hut not only becuase Athena orientated him to seek it out, but because Eumaeus’s hut is an important plot point in the Odyessy as it allows for the logical reunion of Odysseus; who is disguised as a begger and his son Telemachus ;who is a prince as princes and beggers would not meet in a palace without rasing suspicion. It also provideds a safe haven for the two characters as the island of Ithaca has become hostile for both characters due to the plotting suitors.

Answer 6

Because he wants to see which on his servants are loyal to him. Also if his wife will be…

She also warns him of the ambush that they have set and explains how to avoid it. Finally, she instructs him to head first for the home of the swineherd Eumaeus, who will convey the news of his safe return to Penelope.

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