Explain how the polyp uses its tentacles.

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We all know that polyps are situated within the coral reef. Coral reefs are constructed by and made up of 1000’s of tiny animals. At evening, polyps lengthen their tentacles to feed. Their tentacles catch the prey.

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The coral reefs are made up of 1000’s of tiny animals referred to as as polyps. These are associated to anemones and jellyfish. It possesses a sac-like a physique and a gap which is encircled by the stinging tentacles referred to as as cnidae The tentacle in a polyp is an organ that serves each for the tactile sense and likewise used for the seize of prey. They lengthen their tentacles in the course of the evening that consists of coiled nettles like cells referred to as as nematocysts that pierce and poison and paralyze the prey or kill them.

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They’re used to really feel round and to seize prey. They extent their tentacles to seize prey, and use their nematocysts (nettle-like cells on their tentacles) to pierce and poison their prey. Hope that helps!

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