Explain how ambrose bierce’s use of foreshadowing or flashback influence ‘an occurrence at owl creek bridge.’

Explain how ambrose bierce’s use of foreshadowing or flashback influence “an occurrence at owl creek bridge.”

Bierce’s use of foreshadowing or flashback influence in “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” is very subtle. He indicates the gap of reality and illusion that widens throughout the story. He does so by describing his characters perceptions as they seem to him as opposed to how they truly are. I hope it helps, Regards.

“An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” is a short story written by American author Ambrose Bierce that was first published on July 13th, 1890. The author uses foreshadowing or flashback to represent and accentuate the gap between reality and illusion that spreads through out the whole story. Bierce uses this technique to guide the reader through the plot, but also to make sure that the reader is surprised when the final revelation about Farquar is known. By using foreshadowing, the author makes the reader question if what it is being told is part of reality or merely and illusion.

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In “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge”, Ambrose Bierce uses flashback, which is the interruption of the narrative to introduce events that happened in the past, as the encounter of Farquhar with the soldier. This event also foreshadows, gives hints about events that will happen later in the story, the difference between Farquhar perceptions and reality.

In “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge,” the author Ambrose Bierce manipulates time and makes use of flashback to suspend the story and take it where it began. In this way, he provides further information about the characters and allows Farquhar express his love for his family when he is dying. On the other hand, Bierce also uses foreshadowing
, which announces events that will occur later in the story. For instance, at the beginning, Farquhar cannot think very clearly and does not understand the reason of what is occurring to him, which is related to his closeness to death.

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A flashback, is a way of portraying events in the past to understand the current event that is connected to the present, that a could support in figuring the conclusion and answer to the problem of an event. I think the author use it as said in the definition. I hope this would help

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