Everyone has special skills some people use them very well​

Everyone has special skills some people use them very well​

15. Second 6. Second 7. Fourth answer

no options Explanation:

answer: 1. he 2. are 3. has explanation:

B  (a semi-colon is used to connect two sentences together) Explanation: A is a run-on sentence (two sentences run together with no punctuation to connect them.). C contains a comma splice (a comma that’s incorrectly placed). D also has a comma splice, as well as an unnecessary semi-colon.

C Explanation: Because according to English Language it is the only very correct one

Answer 6

Explanation: 1 is not the answer. Some sort of punctuation is needed after skill. The way it is written is a run on. 2. Of the answers given, this answer is the best choice. A full colon would be even better. 3. The comma is misplaced in three. Leave out the comma and this answer would be correct. 4. Again the comma is too much. So is the and really. I would choose B but I think a colon works better.

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Answer 7

Explanation: Without choices, we cannot answer this. There are two correct sentences that would work. 1.  Everyone has special skills. Some people use them very well. 2. Everyone has special skills: Some people use them very well. Much weaker is something like Everyone has special skills and some people use them very well.

B should be the correct sentence

B. If I remember correctly, a semi-colon doesn’t need to be used with a conjunction, and commas come before the conjunction. A would be a run on. Hope this helps.

16. is A) In Spain, they take siestas. 17. is D) I saw Mike run like the wind. 18. is A) On a cloudless night, I studied pisces, a constellation in the north sky. 19. is C) She’ll never get her own room if she can’t keep it clean. 20. is A) My favorite stores are Bloomingdale’s and Macy’s. My sister only shops at Nordstrom. 21. is B) I walked home with Kate.

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