Draining my knee of fluid…What are the pros and cons of this procedure?

If i got a sterile draining needle and some iodine….how would i go about draining my knee of the fluid that is building up? What are the pros and cons? is it safe???? HOW DO I CONDUCT THIS PROCEDURE WITHOUT HURTING MY SELF???? Please i need to know if it is ok to do on your own???

i had this done.
BUT:you need a Dr to do this!It is a painful procedure!
Go to the closest emergency:tapping the fluid is OK and the Dr will send the fluid to the lab to check for any infection.
I had the fluid come back 2-3times:had to go back and have the fluid drained:It will give you immediate relief!(just the needle hurts going in)

maybe u should think twice about it, I mean ur no doctor, but u should go see one because knees are very sensitive, imagine u stucking a needle and tearing maybe a ligament or meniscus… It would be worse to end up with a torned ligament than draining ur own knee… believe me….

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