does walmart print photos to fit lockets?

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I got a locket to remember my great grandma but i don’t know where to get a photo in the right size

Whichever editor you have will do to make it smaller, although a good one (such as Photoshop, Elements, PSP or Gimp) will let you sharpen it nicely, too.

Measure the locket (and cut out a paper template), then resize (and sharpen) the photo. From this point forward, I would now use MS Publisher because it makes the next part so easy.

Because it is always “fiddly” to get the size perfect, I would prepare a number of different options, i.e. size one of them to what you THINK is perfect, then make a few slightly smaller and a few slightly bigger ones. Put them all next to each other (and because of their tiny size they will still fit onto a very small area) and print them out. You can do that on your own printer, or make a 4×6″ background, put all the little photos on there, then have it printed out at a kiosk.
Now you can use the template to pick the perfect sized print before you actually trace and cut out the shape.

Locket Photos Prints

Locket Picture Printing

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does walmart print photos to fit lockets?
I got a locket to remember my great grandma but i don’t know where to get a photo in the right size

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Walmart makes wallet sized photos and depending on the size of your locket, you should be able to cut the photo to fit. If you just want the photo of a head, use Picasa Photo Viewer (google has a free download) , crop it to size, put it on a memory stick, and take it to Walmart. Hope this helps. If you need more info, just message me and I can give you more specifics!

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I would just use your PC and a decent scanner/printer. Should be able to resize any picture and use photo quality paper, which nowadays is pretty good.

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does walmart print photos to fit lockets?

Are you looking for a way topersonalize and customize your jewelrycollection? Well, Walmart may have the answer for you! Walmart sells a line ofcustomizable photo lockets that are perfect for adding photo memories to your jewelry collection.

What is a Locket?

A locket is a small, decorative necklace that can be made from a variety of materials, including metal, glass, or Sheffield Pewter. They have been popular since the 16th century, and have often been used as wedding gifts.

Most lockets are made from either metal or glass. Metal lockets are typically more affordable and tend to be heavier. However, they can also be less durable than glass ones. Glass lockets are lighter but can break more easily. Sheffield Pewter is a type of metal that is both affordable and durable. It is often used in high-quality lockets because it looks beautiful and is resistant to tarnish.

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Most lockets come with a clasp that attaches it to the wearer’s neck. This clasp is usually made from metal or plastic and has a hole in it so that the chain can be attached. Some locksets also have a ring on the end of the chain that can be worn as a necklace.

How to make a Locket

Making a locket is a great way to show off your photos and keep them safe. Here are five steps to make your own:

1. Choose your photos. If you have digital photos, you can simply drag them onto the computer or phone that will be using the locket. If you have photos printed out, you’ll need to cut them down to fit. You can either do this yourself with a photo editor, or use an online service like Shutterfly.

2. Trace the outline of the locket on a piece of paper or cardstock. This will help you determine the size and shape of the hole for your photos.

3. Cut out your photos and paste them into the hole you traced on paper or cardstock. Be sure toalign them properly so they don’t move around when you put the locket together.

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4. Use hot glue to attach the edges of the cards together, making sure that the photos are secure. Let the glue cool before putting the completed locket into action!

Walmart Photo Printing Policies

When shopping for photo printing at Walmart, be sure to inquire about their policies for printing photos to fit lockets. Often, Walmart will print photos to fit a certain size or shape of a necklace or bracelet, depending on the dimensions of your digital photo. This can save you some time and hassle when trying to find the right print size.


If you’re looking to have your photos printed and fit into a custom locket, Walmart is probably not the best place to go. While they do offer prints that are designed to fit standard photo frames, the images usually come out grainy and look quite different from how they will in a personal locket. If you’re looking for high-quality prints that are specifically made for personal use, it might be worth checking out one of the online print shops instead.

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