Does Dollar General Sell Baby Formula?

Does anyone know if Dollar General sells baby formula? I just ran out of formula and am not near a Wal-Mart at the moment. If they do sell formula, do you know what kinds are available? Thanks!

God I hope not, and if they do don’t feed it to your baby

Dollar General does sell formula! They only have selected Varities like good start, similac etc. They also do have baby items!

no they do not sell formula. they do sell diapers and wipes and all that stuff but believe it or not they are more expensive there then Target. I buy Luvs and the big box of them is 16 at target but at dollar general they are 17 or 18.

but if they sold formula at dollar general i dont thhink there would be anything wrong with it.

I don’t recall ever seeing Formula in Dollar General, but every store carries different stuff, so I would just go into the one near you and check it out.

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First of all, if they do, definitely buy it. Check the expiration date, because if a large store like Walmart sold their formula to a Dollar general, it was because the date was too close to expiration for them to keep it on their shelves.

I would call your local store and ask them. That is your best bet.

Answer 6

No the dollor does not sell baby formula.. the only thing that they cell there is stuff for school and for cleaning your house..

Answer 7

no they don’t have formula

No, probably not. Even if they have it, it is not the place to buy it from.

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