Does anyone know the diet and workout regimen of M. Shadows from Avenged Sevenfold?

I recently heard that he stays away from dairy and really spicy foods because of his voice. But I’ve always wondered what the hell that guy eats and what kind of workouts he does to get those huge freakin’ muscles.

Yes, he most certainly doesn’t eat spicey foods but he sure is spicey! Hot, I mean. And dairy has a lot of fat which is something Matthew doesn’t want present on his body. He seems to take great care of himself. That hottie with a body! I agree with nerd_alert. I do adore that cute little вυŧŧ chin, you could fit a grain of rice in it! =]

He doesn’t look like John Trovulta
He looks like hottie Matthew Charles Sanders!

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I have no idea, but he sure is hot!! i love his вυŧŧ chin, it reminds me of john trovolta (or however thats spelled)

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i agree with my bff synacky. except hes not that hot.

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