does a telephone answering machine work in a power outage?

depends , does it get energy from a wall connect or perhaps the phone range !!

depends , does it get energy from a wall surface connect or perhaps the phone range !!

We once had one with a back-up electric battery, but I’m unsure it recorded brand new emails during blackouts.

as other people said, some but hardly any tend to be battery-powered.  Check out the base section to see if there’s battery packs.   Incase you’ve got vocals post throughout your phone business–(no real giving answers to device in your own home) that’ll hold working.  In case the landline is essential, you’ll need a non-cordless phone OR a phone with a battery inside base section for this to operate if energy is down.  In the event that you don’t have a corded phone for problems, you can easily frequently locate them at goodwill for under $5 you can also get a unique one at under $20 at wally’s or most useful purchase.  Check always it out–i believe (unsure) which you might need to pay for delivery at one or perhaps the various other of those.

We have never ever seen a giving answers to device that could work without AC energy.
If your AC has gone out that could be the final of the problems

Mine doesn’t.
Turned energy to go a connect socket also it moved down.
The Reason Why?
Since it is AC driven naturally!

Answer 6

Perhaps not if it’s run on squirrels.

Answer 7

Some electronic people which had back-up battery.  Frequently we were holding people which had a cordless phone and tried it’s electric battery within the base.  Make use of a UPS and all sorts of will continue to work.

i dont think-so

Only when this has electric battery back-up. In addition, there’s difficulty if your phone is on the fiber-optic router which requires ac capacity to work. After that there could be no phone accessibility. In case the phone solution is held over twisted cable, it’s going to work during energy shortage.


If it needs AC energy, naturally maybe not.

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