Doe-knob game show clip?

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So I’ve heard about this game show moment where a white celebrity was giving a clue for deer to his black partner so he said doe and the black person guesses knob. I’ve looked all over the Internet and got different versions. Some say its from password others say pyramid. Some say the celeb is Tom selleck others say it was Jamie Farr. Does anyone know if its true or if the footage still exists?

The celebrity was Tom selleck. And it was on the $10,000 pyramid. When the lady answered with a long drawn ” knobbbbb”, Tom put his head on the rail. Never saying another word , only laughing pressing his face against the padding on the rail. Never regaining composure and allowing the time to expire.
I saw the original episode and have never seen it again. I m sure the lawyers have made certain that episode will never make it on the air again.

I find it amazing how many different “first hand experiences” there are.
I personally saw it in a clip show of funniest gameshow moments. It was a series of about 6 shows, hosted by a famous gameshow host whose name I didn t know (because I never watched any of the shows he hosted). I think the clip in question was in the second or third episode, but I can t remember now, as it s been about 2 decades since they aired it. I don t remember what specifically they called the miniseries either. I m pretty sure it was one of the Pyramid shows.
I do recall, however, that it was Tom Selleck, that his partner was a black woman, and that the announcer said that Selleck was sued by this woman for laughing at her.
I had watched this show about half a year before seeing the listing about it on Snopes and I gave them all the above information and more (including the show s name, the host s name, and the episode number) so they could look it up for themselves, because it was fresh in my mind then. They never retracted their claim of false.
Today, out of the blue, after having now seen dozens of false reporting accusations against Snopes, I decided to try looking up this one clip, and to my surprise I see so many posts about this with conflicting “first hand” reports. Really, Dems? Is this clip THAT embarrassing to you that you have to delete and obscure the truth that a woman misheard what Tom Selleck said, embarrassed herself, and then sued him?

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you dumb asses it was tom selleck… and it was priceless and harmless…

It was definitely McLean Stevenson on Password. I distinctly remember laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes. I believe Mr. Stevenson literally fell out of his chair laughing.

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match game and the celebrity was burt renalds

I’m almost 100% it was Mclean Stevenson (MASH) with Allen Ludden as host.

Searching ‘doe knob’ goes to $25,000 Pyramid, and it offers a show with LaVar Burton.
However, the doe knob clue wasn’t there.
There must be some truth to it or it wouldn’t be listed in a search engine.

Answer 6

you dumb asses it was tom selleck… and it was priceless and harmless…

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Doe-knob game show clip?

Did you ever play that old game show where you had to guess what a doe-knob was? If you’re like most people, the answer is probably no. But in the early 1900s, doe-knob games were popular and involved contestants trying to figure out puzzles that would give them a chance to win money.

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What is a Doe-knob game show clip?

A Doe-knob game show clip is a video or audio recording of a game show that was originally aired on television. These clips can be found on websites that archive old television shows, or can be downloaded as digital files.

Doe-knob games are a type of quiz show where contestants answer questions about objects, typically small, strange, or humorous items. The contestants are usually shown a selection of these objects, and must answer questions about them in order to progress to the next round. At the end of each round, one contestant is eliminated.

Doe-knob games have been popular for decades, with many being released on home video as well as airing on television. Some of the more famous examples of doe-knob games include “The $100,000 Pyramid” and “The Price Is Right”.

What could happen if you watch a Doe-knob game show clip?

If you watch a Doe-knob game show clip, you might see some contestants who are in for a shock. One contestant might find a dead animal in their snack. Another contestant might get stuck in the doo-doo machine. And another contestant might find a golden egg. Watch out for these surprises!

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How to avoid being scammed by a Doe-knob game show clip

There’s a new game show on the air that is sure to catch your attention: Doe-knob. It sounds like a harmless game, but be careful!

Doe-knob is a game show where contestants try to guess the name of an animal by turning a doe-knob. However, there’s something fishy about this show.

First of all, the doe-knob is actually a fake knob that is attached to the wall. Secondly, many of the animals shown on the show are not real animals at all, but rather abstract designs created by the show’s designers.

If you’re thinking of playing Doe-knob, be sure to do your research first and make sure you’re getting real information about the game. Don’t let yourself get scammed by an unsuspecting contestant!


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