Do you Tip delivery drivers from ikea?

Purchased some furniture from ikea here in NYC. Was just wondering if you tip those delivery guys. Getting my furniture delivered on Monday.

Dude plz tip them =< Ive worked in the moving business and hauling around heavy furniture sucks, especially when you're only getting minimum wage. It can really make their day with just a simple $5-$10 tip each. I always tip ppl when I can, I know how good it feels to be tipped, and for guys coming out their to deliver your furniture AND unload it, they earned it. If you'd tip a pizza guy for delivering a pizza, they sure as hell did that much of a job and then some. I'd do it just as a courtesy Le Bouchon, you sound like a douche dude

Ikea Delivery Nyc

I tip delivery drivers from any store when they deliver furniture and appliances,etc. It’s not an easy job! I once had a new fridge delivered to me, and when the 2 guys delivered it, one of them cut his hand very badly on the bottom of the fridge. They went to the hospital, he had his hand stitched up, and then they came back and finished installing it!!! What proffesionalism!!! I tipped them VERY well, that poor guy deserved it!

Best call ikea and find out from the source. Eh?

You should, since they’re doing a service.

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no one tips me, I tip no one

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