Do spiders have tongues?

No. spiders come in an arthropod team Chelicerata. definition they’ve chelicera for lips components.
Underneath these appendages is the esophagal orifice by which they consume their particular meals by squeezing the liquified stays of arthropods using the chelicera.
These appendages additionally retain the venom glands and fangs. (similar to the after)…
Here’s an excellent movie showing the teal green chelicerae of a leap spider. in the event that you look very carefully, you could spot the fangs.

They don’t really have jaws or any type of lips components often. Their particular lips is actually a gap attached to a tube that paths to a muscled belly to suck-in drinks. Their particular fangs aren’t lips components, but they are appendages which were altered to know victim and inject venom.

no they’ve jaws like ant however they consume by drawing within the liquefied insides of the victim.



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