Do people still accept two dollar bills?

My dad gave me 5 two dollar bills, and i was thinking of use them for a quick pizza or something, but i hear people don’t accept/refuse 2 dollar bills. Any help?

US $2 bills remain legal tender. They are even still printed by the US Treasury as needed based on the low demand. Individuals and businesses are not legally required to accept ANY denomination for purchases (legal tender is for DEBTS), but I have never seen anyone refuse a $2 bill. About 15 years ago, someone purchased a TV at the store where I worked at the time and paid entirely in $2 bills. none of them actually made it to the register. Various employees bought them all because we had never actually seen one before. I still have the 5 I bought.
EDIT: For those for claim it is illegal to refuse $2 bills, I have linked the US Treasury Department FAQ that states it is NOT illegal.

Do Stores Accept 2 Dollar Bills

Hello…. I spent $2 bills all the time. And once in a while someone will say they are saving them, for some reason or another. Their value is exactly $2…… If you save them till they become worth more, you may have to wait 40 or 50 years. Might as well put your money in the bank! Once in a while I will see people selling $2 bills on eBay…… I’m sure there are enough idiots out there to buy them for whatever reason. And yes…. $2 bills are still being printed by the goverment – the last printing was in 2003. And No, $2 bills do not have the security thread in them like the higher denominations. Some times when I spent the them, a clerk will use one of the counterfeit checking pens, which always makes me chuckle. Anyway, call your bank up and order some – I usually will order $800 at a time, since they come in bundles of 100 bills which are $200. And most times when you do get them, they are all brand new and fresh with all the serial numbers in order. I have only once had someone refuse to take my $2 bills, but that was a younger clerk who never seen them before. Anyway, it is a fun way to see how people react with a $2 bill when you use them. I have even had people standing in line behind me , who were waiting to pay for something, want to buy them off me. Yes, sorry to say, lots of people out there are real idiots.

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Here’s some help: Don’t believe everything you hear.
Stores accept $2 bills just like they accept $1 bills or $5 bills or $10 bills.

Yes. Go to They show the 2 dollar bill as still on the list of current currency in the US.

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2 dollar bills are legal tender so they should be good for a pizza. Unless you get the guy I bought a burger from who said that I was trying to give him counterfeit money becuase he had never heard of a 2 dollar bill before and called security on me. The guard came down and called the guy an idiot:)

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For your answer: Yes, they do. If they don’t it is a crime, because $2 bills are official U.S. form of currency and if it has the approval seal on the dollar (I think it’s a seal) then they HAVE to take it. I was wondering the same with some old bills I found tucked into some old books, from the 70’s or so, and found this out.
BUT: $2 bills are neat, and unique, because they aren’t used often. I have some from my grandparents and great grandparents that when I was a kid thought were just regular bills, but now they are different and I would never dream of spending them.
Anyways, yes you can spend them and it is your decision if you wish to.

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When was money ever illegal?
Using the two dollars bill would be really…unwise. No one want to use a 2 dollar bill nowadays…

yes, people still accept the two dollar bills. they are legal. unless they are fake.

$2 bills are still legal tender, so they can’t legally be refused.
Most people tend to not spend $2 bills, because they no longer print them and they often have some kind of sentimental value to the recipient, but they are still federally-valued bills, so you CAN spend them if you wish to.

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