Do ferrets purr?

Their particular type of purring is known as “dooking”. its if they have truly pleased or excited and want to play. additionally they hiss but thats whenever their particular angry! as soon as they arch up their particular as well as liek leap around thats thier weasel war party, meaning they want to play

No just household kitties purr. Ferrets do make some other noises though.

No. obviously not..get a pet or ferret..decide!

lol Silly but no. They are doing screech, shout, hiss, and dook to communicate. Screeching and screaming generally equals bad. Hissing is basically because these are generally ‘mad’ and dooking may be out of delight or becoming ‘on aware.’

No, however they dance! They will have ‘Weasel War Dances’ plus they ‘dook’ just a little chatter/squeak sound they generate if they perform.

Answer 6

No, ‘fraid maybe not. They dook and hiss. It really is sweet.

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