difference between salami, pepperoni & pastrami?

Salami is a “fermented” sausage, meaning it is cured with both Nitrate and Nitrite.They are cured in cool airy rooms, not refrigerators. There are many varieties of salami, including Pepperoni. Pork is usually the main meat source, but beef, lamb and poultry are used as well.
Pastrami, on the other hand is a cut of beef called the “plate” (some companies use the top round) It is rubbed with a black pepper and salt/cure mix and allowed to cure in the fridge then smoked in a smokehouse. The meat is usually steamed prior to slicing for a terrific sandwich.

Is Salami Pepperoni

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difference between salami, pepperoni & pastrami?

The names…

type of meat, part of animal, processing, seasoning, curing, etc. wiki each one and you’ll get more info

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