Definition of the Italian word armatz?

I watch the Sopranos and I know almost all the words they use. But one from season 5 has me stumped. Johnny Sach says to Tony “What? You think I’m gonna give you armatz with Ginny upstairs?” when Tony thinks that Johnny is going to kill him if Tony goes over to Johnny’s house. The closest I come to an answer is the word for “armor” in italian, but I can see that’s not it. I would invite any and all suppositions to the definition of this word.

Amazzare would be the infinitive, which means to kill, assinate, etc. In the southern most region of Italy (Puglia) there’s a mixture of Greek, French, and Spanish. However, it’s quite obvious that “armatz” is from Sicilian dialect.

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Sounds like Italian-American slang, not a real Italian word. Probably a bastardization of an Italian word, but never heard that one. I think you’re on the right track, though…armata=army, arma=weapon.

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