Define the meaning of: Time is the wisest counselor?

It means that the best way to learn, it to wait, and time will teach.

Counselor Meaning

As far as time goes….a stitch in time saves nine (one of my favorites), there’s no time like the present, time is on our side, your time is running out and time heals all wounds.
Time is more than the tic tic tic of the clock. One should savor it.
Will time make one wise? Perhaps.

Very similar to hindsight is 20/20. With time we are better able to analyze our actions, inactions, and everything else around us.

Basically that time will teach you want you need to know.

Answer 6

the older we get the more knowledge experience and mistakes we make.
this is supposed to give us wisdom and patience to analise, plan and do what is best

Answer 7

the phrase means: time will tell,
in other words waite and see.

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You must spend your time wisely, else you be in trouble.

take time to think things over

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