Cute ways to write the date of your relationship?

You know everyone does that whole date thing when someone asks you out. Like, people go “I love you baby! 7.11.11” things like that. I think just writing numbers like that is boringg. Are there any cute ideas like that? My friend says “02142K11”, and that’s cute nd different, but I don’t wanna steal it. Any other cute ideas just to be different?

Write it in…Latin?

As in the numbers: X, II, IV etc. etc.

Cool Ways To Write Dates

Pick cute things to say to them in different languages. Like tell them you love them or something that you always say to them in a different language.


=) 1/16/09 is mine and my boyfriends anni date! Hope I helped

I carved “Never forget 8/3/2010” on the back of my phone

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You are my Heart and Soul…then the number date/month/ year or just you both birthday…

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