Cost of studying in the UK for an international student

This article will be discussing, the Cost of studying in the UK for an international student. The United Kingdom has no doubt a good quality of education for many international students that offers the student with academic excellence. But the fact is that the cost of studying in the United Kingdom for an Indian student is very costly or expensive. The United Kingdom is considered to be among the top 5 most expensive study abroad destinations.

Cost of studying in the UK for an international student

The cost of studying in the UK for international students at UK private and public universities is approximately £ 4180 to 28259 annually. Students need to smartly plan their expenditures. The following are some points showing the expenditure of an international student on studying in the UK.

  • Cost of education in the UK. 
  • Living expenses in the UK. 
  • Other essential expenses in the UK.

Cost of education in the UK

Cost of education in the UK in which the prime expenditure is done on the tuition fee of international students living in the UK as the tuition fee varies from University to university and the location where the student is going to study also the course the student Have to choose and for the study.

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For example, the cost of an international student who is studying medical or an MBA is higher when compared the tuition fee for humanity and social science. The following is the table showing the average fee in the UK for international students that vary by the level of degree. 

Types of degreeAverage annual tuition fee.
Bachelors£10,000 – £38,000
Masters £11,000 – £30,000
Ph.D. Up to £18,000

Living expenses in the UK

The way of living is an important part of the total cost which is spent on studying in the UK for international students who are from India or other international cities. In living expenses, there are expenses on the following things

  • Paying for accommodation.
  • transportation. 
  • Household bill. 
  • Shopping.

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The average monthly living expenses in the UK cost from around 1100 to 1300. Believing cost also varies in the cities like living in London or Brighton. Cost higher as compared to the cities in Manchester or Aberdeen and princess also depends upon the living of the student’s lifestyle. The following table shows the living expenses factors and the average cost paid per month. 

Factors Average cost per month 
Accommodation£500- £700
food & groceries £100-200
Transportation £30-40
House bills£40 – £50
Entertainment £40- £50

Other essential expenses

The following are some types of expenses the student Have To spend while studying in the UK. 

  • Student visa fees. 
  • Immigration health surcharge. 
  • Pre-arrival and post-arrival costs in the UK. 
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Student Visa fees

The student visa fee depends upon the type of visa the student applies for. Following are the types of visas and the application fee for the visa.

  • A short-term study student visa has an application fee of 97 pounds for 6 months and 186 pounds for 11 months. 
  • Tier for a student visa for general has the application fee of 348.
  • Tier 4 student visa for the child has an application fee of 348 pounds.

Immigration health surcharge

As the student has to pay for a health insurance surcharge with his visa fee full stop the cost of the health insurance surcharge is around 475 per year and after pain, for it, this student gains the asses to National Health Service. After that, the student will be away available for free medical treatment and will have reduced Dental Care prices at National Health service centers.

Pre-arrival and post-arrival costs in the UK for the international student

  • The Indus student who is building to go to the UK for their studies has to give various exams like the GRE, GMAT, and language proficiency test before they apply to the universities of the UK. The courses like humanity and art do not require to give any tests. So some universities are required to have these tests before the student is applying to universities. The following shows the examination and the entrance fee for the test. 
  1. GRE for an Indian student costs 15000. 
  2. GMAT for an Indian student costs 18000 Etc. 
  • For applying to the university the student needs to pay the registration fee of the university and the ad registration fee is around 20 to 90 pounds for applying to the various investing UK.
  • The cost of flight tickets is also the factor of the high expenses full stop and the ticket depends upon the city the student is leaving the destination and the airline. If the student is coming from India then the single way airline in the economic class ticket is around 30000 to 31000 and even more.
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The average cost of an international student is around 24,000 to 55,000 pounds. The cost of living expenses depends upon the student’s lifestyle. If the student is from India then the total expenses for studying in the UK may cost up to INR 2,44,47,103- 55,01,188.


How much are the international student fees in the UK? 

For an international student, the fee of UK universities may be around 10000 to 40000 pounds and even more. 

What are the average salaries after studying in the UK for an international student? 

The average salary of a student who is studying in the UK may be around 71000 pounds annually. 

Is the UK the most expensive country for international students? 

The UK is considered to be the 5th most expensive country for international students in the world.

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