Contrast the different ways bromeliads and pitcher plants acquire nutrients from animal sources. not compare.

Distinction the alternative ways bromeliads and pitcher vegetation purchase vitamins from animal sources. not examine.

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Bromeliads are an instance of mutualism the place they create mini-ecosystems that home different small animals by gathering rainwater of their leaves. The bromeliad advantages from the vitamins when these organisms decompose after they die. Not like the Pitcher vegetation that are predators, they actively entice bugs and different small animals of their pitchers.

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Each vegetation are known as: carnivorous vegetation, since each wish to snack on bugs, that are mainly “meat” And each vegetation suck out the juices from it which offers the plant with very important sources. (good luck and that i hope i didnt say something gross, simply love science)

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They require vitamins from animals as a result of they they provide the vegetation nutritional vitamins.

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