Consider two sets of data that give rise to lines that have exactly the same slope. However, they have different correlation coefficients.

Contemplate two units of information that give rise to strains which have precisely the identical slope. Nevertheless, they’ve totally different correlation coefficients. First, create hypothetical graphs that present the information across the strains with the identical slope. Both do that in a drawing program or by hand and take an image. Add the file right here.

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d. clarification:

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1. a number loses vitamins to a parasite 2. a parasite solely advantages when the host is alive (trigger if the host dies the parasite dies with it ) 3. producers to shoppers 4. the tapeworm is a parasite 5. they convert power from the solar (photosynthesis) 6. sunflower-robin (i feel im 80% certain) 7. producer 8. shopper 9. prey 10. contemporary water snails ( trigger the inexperienced algea is the producer and the snails are the first shoppers and the small fish shopper so is the large fish)

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Nucleus is the organelle that accommodates chromosomes

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reply; each surfaces of the membrane are nonpermeable

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