como se dice correctamente “pegostioso” o “plegostioso”?

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cuando algo se siente como el resistol jajaja si se dice “pegostioso” o “plegostioso”?

Se dice “pegajoso”, pero yo digo “pegostioso”, eso va con mi personalidad, o no manta?

No Brendita se dice “pegajoso”

No naquees.

Efectivamente ya te conteste que no existe pegostioso ni plegostioso?, como como comentas son modismos muy particulares de quienes los usan.

Recibe saludos…

yo digo pegajoso

no se…yo digo pegajoso…..


Answer 6

Ira maita, se dice muncho pegostioso…

Answer 7


de hecho se dice pegajoso, aunque mucha gente acostumbra decir pegosteoso o pegostioso


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jajajajajaj recuerda que se dice PEGAJOSO!! Tu cuerpo es ta pegajoso.
La mesa esta Pegajosa.
Las manos del niño estan pegajosas.

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como se dice correctamente “pegostioso” o “plegostioso”?

In Spanish, “pegostioso” means “greedy” or “parsimonious”. However, many people find it difficult to understand how this adjective is correctly pronounced. In this article, we will teach you how to say “pegostioso” correctly using both the standard and the informal forms.

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What does the word “pegostioso” mean?

Pegostioso is a Spanish word that means “peckish” or “frequenting picnickers.” This word is used to describe someone who is very hungry or desires food more than usual.

What does the word “plegostioso” mean?

The word “plegostioso” is a Spanish adjective which means pertaining to or characteristic of pegostium. Pegostium is the Latin name for the reproductive organ of the bee, wasp, and hornet.

Translation of “pegostioso” and “plegostioso”

The Spanish word “pegostioso” is often translated to mean “peckish.” The Spanish word “plegostioso” is often translated to mean “plump.”


Parts of this article were difficult to understand. Could you please clarify the meaning of “pegostioso” or “plegostioso”?

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