Come si chiama quella canzone che fa: “La la la, lala la la la, la lalala la la ……. la laaaaa”?

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che bella voce ke hai !ihih
cmq m dispiace se dai qlc informazione in più magari posso aiutarti ma così nn c riesco proprio!

fatti mandare dalla mamma a prendere un litro di latte….

Pesce, stai sicuramente parlando de “Il pescatore”, di De Andrè.
<< e aveva un solco lungo il viso, come una specie di sorriso. lalalala lalalala lalallala lalalala >>

lala song di bob sinclair

fatti più la… fatti più in la lallaalalllla
ma come si fa…

Answer 6

La la Song?

Answer 7

lala song?

“La La La”

secondo me invece t riferisci alla colonna sonora di Rosemary’s baby

fammi sapere se ci ho preso ciaociao


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Come si chiama quella canzone che fa: “La la la, lala la la la, la lalala la la ……. la laaaaa”?

Do you ever get lost in a song and can’t remember the name of the artist or the song? If you’ve been living under a rock for the past few decades, you might have heard someone sing the words to “La la la, lala la la, la lalala la la ……. la laaaaa” in a high-pitched voice. It’s probably not hard to guess the name of the song – it’s “happy birthday” sung by Donny Osmond! While we might think of this type of singing as something from decades ago, it’s actually a fairly recent phenomenon. In 1966, The Beatles released their album “The Beatles” which featured the song “Hey Jude” which features the lyrics “This is how it starts, every day I wake up I feel so fine …” After hearing this song on the radio, John Lennon decided to remake it with a different style and added lyrics about taking LSD. Lennon originally sang this song in a falsetto voice, but when he recorded it for “The Beatles,” he decided to change it to his normal voice. This is one example of how changing one aspect of an audio or video can make it more memorable or popular.

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What is the Song?

The song is called “La la la, lala la la, la lalala la la….lala la laaaa.” The song is a very famous children’s song.

The History of the Song

“La la la, lala la la, la lalala la la ……. la laaaaa” is a popular song that originated in the 1940s. The song was written by Antonio Fernando, Carmen Miranda and Armando Manzanero.

The song was first recorded by Manzanero in 1948. It became a hit across Europe and Latin America. In the 1950s and 1960s, the song was particularly popular in France and Italy.

In 1966, the song was recorded by American singer Connie Francis. The single became a chart topper in the United States and Francis became known as the “Queen of Latin Pop”.

Other notable recordings of “La la la, lala la la, la lalala la la ……. la laaaaa” include those by Cilla Black, Perry Como and Julio Iglesias.

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Lyrics of the Song

If you’re ever in an Italian restaurant and hear the song “La la la, lala la la, la lalala la la …” playing on the jukebox, you’ve heard the song named after the singer. The song was written by Lucio Battisti and is a popular Italian hit.

The lyrics of the song are about a love affair that is ending. The singer sings about how everything seems to be happening too fast and that he can’t believe it’s over. He muses about all the memories they shared and how he wishes he could go back to those days. The chorus of the song goes like this:

La la la, lala la la, la lalala la la ……. la laaaaa


“La, La, La …”

What does it mean?

You’ve probably heard this song before – it’s one of the most well-known and popular hits in the world. But what does the title mean?

The song, known simply as “La la la, lala la la, la lalala la la ……. la laaaaa” was written by Italian composer Francesco De Masi and published in 1951. At the time, it was a novelty hit.

There are several theories about the meaning of the song. One suggests that it’s a simple tune about an object going ‘round and round (lala) until it disappears (lala). Another theory suggests that it’s about a person who is indecisive (la la) and can’t make up their mind (la lalala). Finally, some people think that it’s about a love affair that goes haywire (lala, lalala).

Whatever the true meaning of La la la, lala la la, la lalala la la ……. La laaaaa may be, we can all agree that it’s a catchy song!

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How to Recognize the Song

The song La la la, lala la la, la lalala la la ……. la laaaaa is a very famous Italian song. People know the song because of its catchy tune and simple lyrics.

The song was written by Giorgio Moroder and conducted by American producer Phil Spector in 1963. The lyrics are in Italian, but the song has been translated into several languages. Some versions of the song include different lyrics in Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Swedish and Danish.

In the United States, La la la was a top 10 hit for both Bobby Vinton and The Ronettes. In Europe it was a bigger hit for Teddy Boys and The Beatles.


Many people have heard that song but wonder what it is called. Well, the name of the song is “La la la, lala la la la, la lalala la la …” and it’s a classic pop hit from the 1970s. If you want to learn more about this catchy tune and its history, be sure to check out our article on the La La La song!

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