Coach Vs. Dooney & Bourke?

I really want a designer purse but I don’t know which to choose. Coach or Dooney & Bourke? Some people say that Coach is for older people and Dooney is more hip and modern. I like both and need to decide.

you are correct with dooney. I have never liked them. I think they are too trendy. and I don’t care for the leather. it is a cheaper lower grade compared to Coach.

I don’t consider coach old, but more classic and timeless. if you have a bag from coach, especialy the leather ones it will last a long time.I have my original one from 15 years ago. and it is still in perfect condition.

Coach also has bags in their cloth line that to me are no different than dooney…and I personally don’t care for them. i don’t like bags as fashion accessories. they are just objects to carry my junk in.

I also think that Coach is a bit better in terms of quality and service. once you own one, they will fix it for life. you can get them cleaned in their stores, etc.

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It is personal choice really.

Both COACH and Dooney and Bourke handbags are excellant handbags. Both are modern and always releasing new trends. In terms of price, COACH is more expensive. Maybe that will help you decide

i like dooney & bourke, the reason they think coach is for older people and D&B is more modern because D&B uses playful colors. but D&B’s watches arent that hott, i have had mine for less than a year and the leather is messing up

well that Dooney and Burke thing is soo wrong and so is the coach thing! they are both for any one! i have a coach and a Dooney and Burke and i am in middle school! the coach and Dooney and Burke are almost the same in popularity if not the coach is a little higher in popularity!!

yuck. dooney and bourke is sooo out. coach is in and you can get some really cute coach, like a wristlet which is youthful.

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Answer 6

I like them both equally. I think Dooney’s are a tad bit more affordable. If money were no object, I’d have a lovely collection of each! : )

Answer 7

I have both I find dooney & Burke heavy add all your stuff and you will fell it. With coach leather its lighter from the start has a give to it d&b doesn t. I have both old and new styles.

coach to me seems more timeless…dooney and bourke seems more like a fad to me…i like coach better

i have a dooney and bourke

I personally don’t like D&B’s style – Coach is more classic. Its all about personal preference and what you like best. Don’t go by what the designer it, go by what purse you like best.

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