Clive wearing could remember which of the following types of memory?

Clive wearing could remember which of the following types of memory?

Clie Wearing was a musician who experienced both anterograde and retrograde amnesia. This implied he was not able review past occasions and structure new recollections too. In any case, he was as yet ready to recall how to play the piano since this memory was put away in his supposed muscle memory. Further Explanation: Clive Wearing educate us concerning memory: Clive Wearing was in his 40s when he got back home with a cerebral pain. As per analysts and specialists, Wearing’s hippocampus was totally destroyed by the malady. This gave him what is called anterograde amnesia, which alludes to the failure to gain or keep experiences. Clive wearing in brain research: Clive Wearing is a multi year early English performer and musicologist who contracted herpes simplex encephalitis in 1985. The infection devastated his hippocampus reciprocally (just as encompassing territories). He held the capacity to play the piano and lead an ensemble (which he did already to his ailment). Harmed in Clive Wearing’s cerebrum: Wearing built up a significant instance of all out amnesia because of his ailment. Due to harm to the hippocampus, a territory required to move recollections from present moment to long haul memory, he is totally unfit to shape enduring new recollections – his memory just keeps going somewhere in the range of 7 and 30 seconds. Subject: biology Level: college Keywords: Clive Wearing educate us concerning memory, Clive wearing in brain research, Harmed in Clive Wearing’s cerebrum. Related links: Learn more about evolution on

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A pianist, Clive wearing, is suffering from amnesia, but he has muscle memory. Thus by muscle memory, he can play the piano. Further Explanation: A repetitive task, generally a motor task is stored in the form of memory, is termed as muscle memory. Muscle memory is stored in the muscle and is generally followed by the brain in the absence of normal memory. This is due to the repetition of the task; for example, a pianist will muscle memory of playing the piano. It is a type of procedural memory. So, the Clive wearing is a pianist who is suffering from two forms amnesia named as: Retrograde
Anterograde Retrograde is referred to as a condition in which the brain lost the ability to remember memories. On the other hand, anterograde is referred to as a condition in which an individual is unable to form new memories. Clive wearing after having memory loss cannot forget to play the piano. This is because Clive wearing has muscle memory. Learn more: Learn more about the effects of alcohol on brain
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Learn more about the effect of alcohol on body weight Answer Details: Grade: High School Subject: Biology Chapter: Learning and Memory Keywords: Memory, Clive wearing, loss, piano, procedural memory, muscle, brain normal, repetition, amnesia, ability, pianist, task, retrograde, anterograde.

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Explanation: Clive Wearing: A British musician who had a disorder due to a damaged brain part responsible for holding new memories the hippo-campus. He even had the difficulty to finish his own sentences, as he said himself and i quote that,” I feel like i just woken up from a long sleep”. As he faced the inability to even know about the recent activities in his children’s lives.

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