Okay hi everyone, so I’m Orthodox Christian, I LOVE JESUS SO MUCH and i try to stay away from those bad sa*anic artists..I love indie,pop and i listen to bands like MisterWives,Arcitc Monkeys,Ed Sheeran etc..But i saw a singer called Melanie Martinez, she sings indie pop.I searched about her religious beliefs there was nothing about it, except that she blogged about leaving religion or something.I said to myself it’s nothing and that i can listen to her.I played a song called Carousel, and the video was really bad.It was so gothic,she was flying and everything was weird.I turned it off in few second.Then i played a song called Dollhouse, i kinda liked it and played it for couple times.then i watched melanie martinez’s auditions,live preformance,interview..She looks like a bad example with her fairy-gothic style, and I’m so scared GOD is gonna punish me for this.I know that i should pray and ask for forgiveness but i think GOD is not goona care maybe cause i did a little more sins today than i usually do.. I’m so scared that GOD is gonna punish me.Any advice?Should i be sad?Sorry for the question being too long.God bless you all

She may cuss in some songs but she is not bad or satanic. You don’t know her that well. You don’t know that there is a deeper meaning to her Crybaby songs. In Carousel this is the first time she falls in love. Crybaby is based off of Melanie of course some is made up but you can watch a video where she explains her Crybaby album. Yes her songs are creepy but not bad. I saw nothing satanic. Just because she dyes half of her hair a different color does not mean she’s “Goth” she is young (21) and she started with her hair when she was 16 when she dyed half of her hair to look like Cruella from 101 Dalmatians. She is really sweet and is a good example and a inspiration. Crybaby is a childhood nickname cause she was a emotional kid.She was bullied bad, but look at her now she kept her head held high and at 16 she went on The Voice I think if you give her a try and actually do your research you’ll see she isn’t bad. And no God won’t punish you for thinking something is bad. (When it’s not)

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If you like Melanie that is okay. God will not be mad at you for being yourself. He wants you to find out who you are. If Melanie relates to you I think that is good. God will understand he always does. That why he sent his son to die on the cross for us. Have faith in God. And pray for a sign if you should listen to Melanie and research on her. Get to know her through her videos and watch videos that tell you about her. Then decide remember this is all up to you. I am a Christian and listen to Melanie and others.

Okay, i don’t know if this is a joke or something, i’m a christian and i listened to clean melanie songs(because some of them have c*ssing) and songs that aren’t ex*licit from her (like, carousel, it might have a c*ss at the ending but believe me in some countries that is not a c*ss) and what do you mean “fairy gothic hair” ??? i mean she has her own body she can do anything she wants, its just a hair color, its not like she did something s*tanic by that…. looking at those comments they have nothing related to melanie, i think melanie is 100% Christian but she just doesn’t preffer to mention it too much, and theres no way god is gonna punish you for listening to music, melanie might c*ss, yes, thats a sin, but its not like god is gonna punish her with death for that, god and jesus are not cruel people, they help us understand things, music is something for entertainment purposes, so you shouldn’t be afraid to listening it, well, except for music that has c*ssing in every sentence they say, melanie doesn’t c*ss in every sentence she says, so…. theres no way god is gonna be mad at you, god will be mad at you if you do something VERY VERY bad, something like k*lling, or suicide, thats something you should be afraid of doing.

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i firmly believe that God doesnt punish people, God forgives people, and loves people.
He can see whats inside your heart.

Dont be sad, just know where you have to draw the line, find out what the word of God says (by studying it) and ask God to show you how he wants you to live your life.
People who go to Melanie Martinez concerts need to hear about Jesus as well dont forget!

I am surprised that you claim to be a Christian yet you fear God will punish you. God is not an overlord waiting to punish Christians. Christianity is all about freeing you from the ʙoɴᴅᴀԍᴇ of sin & it’s consequences. Christians do not have a license to sin but with a Christian heart, you should not want to sin. Sin should be unpleasant to you by nature. Old things are passed away & you become a new creature in Christ Jesus. We are members of one body. If I stick my finger in the flame, doesn’t my whole body react to the pain ? Of course. You are a member of a larger body, the body of Christ. Self preservation should kick in & prevent you from sinning. But we’re not perfect & most of us will stumble from time to time. But Jesus died ONE TIME for our sins. Not multiple times every time we fall short of that glory. So, it is no longer sin, but evil works. God may indeed choose to chastise you for your evil works as a parent will chastise a child. It’s not to be mean or hurtful, but to teach you to be a better child. God does so lovingly. Then best thing is to go & confess to him & ask him to give you strength & increased faith to follow him better. Your heart & conscious will be lighter & this builds your faith. The reason you feel convicted in the spirit is because of God’s Holy Spirit which dwells within you. He’s telling you to put some distance between you & that bad influence. If it does not edify the Spirit or Glorify God, then it is of no value to the Lord. Pray.

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Answer 6

If it bothers you, take it up with your priest in confession. Truly.
Forgive me.

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