Choose the answer.what does the author of ‘breathes there the man’ value above all else?

home Explanation: In the “Breathes There the Man” Walter Scott talks a lot by his native land and home, what he values above all else is home as you can see in this part of the verse:   “O Caledonia! stern and wild, Meet nurse for a poetic child! Land of brown heath and shaggy wood, Land of the mountain and the flood, Land of my sires! what mortal hand”

Home Explanation: I took the test nd it was right. Plz rate and like.

C. His Home. Have a great Day!

Yeap the answer is homes.. Explanation: I took the testI go the K12

His home. I hope this helps

Answer 6

I believe the answer is C. home. Hope this helps!!

Answer 7

I would say the answer would be home…

It is Home . yup the answer is home

The answer is home c HOPE THAT HELPS!!

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