Choose one of the factors of x3 – 1331?

Choose one of the factors of x3 – 1331

x-11 is the correct answer; the other factor is x^2 + 11x + 121, but that isn’t on your list of choices.

we know that 1331 is the cubic of 11 because the calculator proves it. Before we can figure out 2 results, lets just mess with our mind for a minute. lets think about the squares of 11:

x^2 – 22x + 121


x^2 + 22x +121


x^2 – 121

from these results, we can try to factor out the following:

x^3 – 1331
(x-11) (x^2+11x+121)

and the given are x-11, x^2-11x+121, or x^2+22x+121.

the only answer that responds to the factor is ‘x-11’

final answer: x-11

x – 11

The formula you need to remember is (a3-b3)=(a-b)(a2+ab+b2)
your a = x and your b=11, cuz 11^3 is 1331
so the equation factors to (x-11)(x^2+11x+121)
the only answer that works then is (x-11)

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