Chinatown in Indianapolis?

Does anyone know if there is a Chinatown in Indianapolis ? I really wanna go if there is. This is technically my first time out of Michigan state so I wanna try to make the best of it cause I’m not staying here long. Michigan has nothing especially a Chinatown so I was wondering if Indiana had one. If it does could u guys give me an address if some sort or a link to an address or something ? Idk …. Thanks in advance

Indianapolis has many residents of Asian descent, but they live and work all over the city rather than in a “Chinatown” area. Fort Wayne has a large population of Burmese immigrants, but I do not know if they live in the same area. Chicago has a Chinatown.

Lol Indy is no Chicago or NYC !

But if your interested in asian food, there is a big concentration of restaurants in the north west side of the city along Lafayette Rd.

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Welcome to Indianapolis

Indy doesn’t have a Chinatown area.

does indy have a chinatown? yes or no?

From what I’ve heard, Indianapolis once had a Chinese population, but he moved.

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