Celtic fans. You’ve been very quiet recently. What’s wrong ?

 Is it the trip to Dubai during a pandemic? 

They have been quiet coz they know the time has come. They claim rangers are an 8 year old club and only spend a few years in the premiership? And yet rangers have beaten them 3 games in a row and outplayed them in others.  
The trip is the absolute definition of running scared. Running away and trying to defend themselves having a training routine – more like sunbathing and drinking not following protocols. Taking a player with them who’s injured. Fecking up the lower leagues and who knows if it will mess up the main leagues. ‘null and void’ the fans say but they weren’t wanting it null and void last year and were happy with a league being handed to them. The tables have turned and they are bricking it. They are making Scottish football a joke. Well done Celtic.

Rangers BACK ON TOP again and SPL Champions – THATS what is up lol
Steven Gerrard will make sure that SPL Crown does not leave Ibrox for a while ^_^

How the F*CK is Lennon still in a job? Worst thing is even when he is sacked he will be back again some time in the future when they run out of options! It wasn’t long ago I genuinely believed a Celtic B team could still beat Rangers, now even a Rangers C team would probably beat Celtic’s strongest 11! They’ve gone 3 games without a win in the league now, are out of the league cup, out of Europe. Out of 63 points available to them they’ve picked up 45. The games in hand mean nothing because even if they win all 3 they will still be way behind rangers. It’s an absolute shambles and the first change is always with the manager. Sometimes that’s fair and sometimes it isn’t but in this case it really is. Congrats Mr Lennon and all you achieved as a player and a manager but get the fook out

They’ve given up Maggie.They all know that the trophy is going to Ibrox.

For me, it’s the board and it remploying Lennon. I wasn’t happy with him coming back in the first place, but was hoping he’d just be here to see out the campaign Rodgers left 3/4 way through.
On top of that it’s been bad transfers, wrong transfers, unfit players, sticking with failing formations and selections, looking absolutely abject in most games, getting our arses handed to us by mediocre European teams, slipping up against domestic sides we really should be beating etc etc etc.

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