¿Hola quiero saber como se escribe ¿captus o cactus de forma correcta y botanicamente?

Cactus… captus está mal escrito, cactus es lo correcto, es cactus … (Del lat. cactos, y éste del gr. kaktoj, ´hoja con espinas´); sust. m. 1. [Botánica] Cualquier planta cactácea [Botánica] Grupo de plantas pertenecientes a la familia Cactáceas, con características peculiares debidas a un largo proceso de adaptación a desiertos y a otras zonas … Read more

Does this person really exist?

People Reviews I was watching the sitcom “Friends” and it was “The One After ‘I Do”, and in this episode, Ross meets this girl at the reception named Mona. He tries to impress her with famous Mona’s, and comes up with someone named Mona Clickclocken (although sounds German so it may be like Klechlachen), Who … Read more

does any one know who Nica Rogers was?

I know Mi Vida Loca was dedicated to her Reuben Goodbear Anders. adopted; born c. 1990; mother Nica Rogers was a Latina gang member who had played a small role and served as one of Anders’ advisors on “Mi Vida Loca” (1994) when she died of a drug overdose at age 19 before movie’s completion; … Read more

what does “Up to and including” mean?

Can someone explain why this phrase is used? What does it mean? I know what it means, but why is it used? For example, my job sends out emails and a part says “Repeated occurrences may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.” Reading this, it seems like using “up to” and “including” … Read more